Planning The Wedding at Fantasyland

Shayla Bobala

I’ve been planning my wedding for a long time but I’m not putting it off this is what I have come up with Wedding At Fantasyland Hotel For 400 People July 15th 2021 or October 15th 2021 Hotel Room 4 Days $1500 In Luxury Roman Room Hair & Makeup $250 Photography & Videography Zokah $2500 Suit $800 Ring $3000 Wedding Dress From Kleinfeld Wedding Shop New York $1000 Catering $3500 Food, Snacks, Alcohol Reception Free Rental Ceremony Rental $450 Champagne $800 DJ 1500 All Night Wedding Officiant $250 Marriage Licence $100 Flowers & Banquet Setup $250 Cake $300 Gift for Husband Gift for Wife Vows Projector rental $100 Summer party theme or pumpkin fall themed $250 Taxi Rides or Gas for Range Rover Honeymoon Followed at Christmas $16,550 Full Wedding Costs I’m inviting so many wonderful people and I will be sending them at the end of the year 2020 Truly Shayla Bobala

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