My dream Edmonton Vacation

Shayla Bobala

So many of us want to travel away from the city we live in but the advantages of vacationing in your own city are great photos, being able to grab things from home if needed and the ability to run home and feed the cats and play with them so they don’t miss us. I personally travelled to Edmonton before moving here a few times and it was because I wanted to make sure we would be happy here. My dream vacation in Edmonton consists of 1) Stay at Fantasyland Hotel at every good theme room Roman Luxury Theme Room, Cabin Luxury Theme Room, Pirate Luxury Theme Room, Princess Theme Room, Western Theme Room, Space Theme Room, Igloo Family Theme Room, African Luxury Theme Room, Polynesian Luxury Theme Room, Hollywood Luxury Room, Imperial Theme Room, Victorian Theme Room, Truck Theme Room, Sports Theme Room, Executive Theme Room. 2 nights at each to be able to enjoy the jacuzzis and make some nice memories. 2) Order Amazing Room Service There chicken fingers and fries are delicious. They also have amazing sundaes and strawberries and whipped cream. There breakfast room service is amazing also. But the buffet is to die for as well. 3) The Casino is also a fun place to go and it has an amazing buffet. 4) Shopping at Lush for some bathbombs and scrub 5) Shopping at Apple for the latest devices 6) Shopping at a few other fun shops and window shopping 7) Go to Spagetti Factory for the best spaghetti and pistachio ice cream 8) Go to the World Waterpark 9) Drink some great Champagne 10) Take a photo with decorations at the mall 11) Go to The Aquarium 12) Go to the Seal Show 13) Get Sangria Drunk at Earles 14) Marble Slab Ice cream 15) Spa Day at Rain Spa Get an 90 min massage Get a Pedicure Get Hair Done Get Acrylic Nails Get A Facial 16) Have Some Sexy Time with my Partner Thats what would be lit Truly Shaylabobala

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