Cat Recreation Room

Shayla Bobala

I have always wanted to create a dream kitty room and here’s what we will have. We want 8 cats. Fluffy Rug Litter Boxes Wet food auto feeder Cat Trees Hammocks Tennis Balls Cat Nip Dry food feeder Cat Bowls Fluffy Hair Toys Litter Boxes Water Foundation Tunnels Toys on sticks Scratching posts Poofy foot rests Tree Mouse toys Windows Closet for fun outfits and accessories. Stroller Fake grass toy Interactive toys from catit Cat supplies Nail trimmer Disinfectant Wipes Tooth brushes Tooth paste Ear cleaner Fish tank Paw lotion Treats Cat beds Small beanie babies Cat food from veterinary clinic Truly ShaylaBobala

Raising Cats

Shayla Bobala

I am very picky about how I raise my cats. I like to groom them with a furminator, nail trimmer, dove soap, vet toothpaste and toothbrush. Paw lotion is important for their dry paws in winter. We also use cap nip spray to calm them. We give the cats temptations treats, salmon and tuna are there favourite. We give our seven year old cat fancy feast wet food and urinary tract health food. I give them a bath every month and I also give dry food. Kirkland cat food because it’s in bulk. He is 3 and still growing so he needs it. I also give pumpkin hugs everyday and mini phantom really likes cuddles. I love to take photos with them and once every three months I shave them so there fur is clean and soft. They shed a lot but they really are affectionate. In summer we take pumpkin for walks he loves being held. I also get them there rabies shots. They have lots of toys and they love cat trees from pet smart. Truly Shaylabobala

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