How To Get A 800 Credit Score

Shayla Bobala

#1 Have Under 30% Credit Used up and never go over it always pay that back every month #2 Have 3 types of credit like a financed phone, credit card, and a […]


Bank Account 2023

Shayla Bobala

Living Account = $100 million Savings = $600 million Other Savings = $300 million Investments 2 yrs GIC Investments – 1 Billion 3 yrs GIC Investments – 100 Billion 4 yrs GIC […]

My Financial Plan 2020

Shayla Bobala

Business Account 300,000K For Advertising, Vistaprint posters, business cards and more equipment plus salary for cameraman Cash Account 100,000K for gifts, dinners and special events Investments Account 500,000K for GIC, Mutual Funds […]

My Multiple Streams of Income

Shayla Bobala

YouTube Ad Revenue Main Channel ShaylaBobala Blog Ad Revenue Book Revenue Patreon Revenue Brand Sponsorships Affiliate Links from Amazon, MagicLinks Referrals from Patreon, WordPress, TubeBuddy, MagicLinks, Instacart Fan Donations Superchat Donations When […]

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