20 Self Care Ideas

Shayla Bobala

1) Take a Bath with bubbles and Champagne 2) Do Yoga with Calming Music 3) Meditate on good things you want in the future 4) Go watch the stars outside 5) Start A Blog and journal daily 6) Binge Watch Netflix 7) Setup a Christmas Tree 8) Play with your Dog or Cat 9) Dance to Your Favourite Songs 10) Make a TikTok that makes you laugh 11) Take Yourself on a Date to your favourite restaurant 12) Organize your Bathroom 13) Give Yourself a Pedicure 14) Put a hair mask in & a face mask 15) Write a Book 16) Listen to an audiobook 17) Workout using Hiit 18) Give yourself a massage 19) Make yourself some Hot Chocolate 20) Go Swimming Xoxo ShaylaBobala

Things I’ve learned in 26 years

Shayla Bobala

It’s important to learn from your mistakes Listen more than you speak Give more than you take Know when to walk away Stand up for what you believe in Love people enough to look past their flaws as long as the don’t repeatedly betray you Try new things often Learn to do what you love regardless of what others think

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