Shayla Bobala

Trips I am Going To Take 13 Trips Within 3 Years Visit LA 4 Times Flight & Hotel = $5000 x 4 = 20,000 Food $1500 x 4 = $6000 Vidcon tickets = $150 Other Costs including Shopping $10,000 Wax Museum Explore The City Visit HollywoodSign Visit New York Flight & Hotel $2000 Food $1000 Dress Shopping Visit Disney World & Land Tickets $1000 Flight & Hotel $6000 Food $1500 Visit Cancun 3 Times Trips all included with transfer 2 weeks x 3 = $25,000 Moon Palace Nizuc Beloved Cancun Leblanc Couples Only Resort Visit Paris 2 weeks Flight & Hotel $8000 Food $2000 Visit Mykonos 2 weeks. Flight & Hotel $8000 Food $2000 Visit Maldives Flight & Hotel & Food $14000 Las Vegas Flight & Hotel $5000 Food = $1500 $96,500 I like to plan like I have said previously and I like to know costs before hand. I know prices can change but it’s good to know how to plan so you can earn enough to be able to go and do the things you want. I believe that travel is not that expensive because of the value you get out of it. The experience is worth the cost and so is the relationships you build. My only Trip outside the country of Canada so far is Cancun Mexico and it was incredible at Moon Palace Resort. Truly ShaylaBobala

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