How Youtube Changed My Life

Shayla Bobala

I have been watching youtube since 2006 and I really started getting into content creation consistently in 2013 when I bought my first home. I had also a really nice investment that […]


What’s an extraordinary life on your terms?

Shayla Bobala

Here’s what my vision is Being super fit and active Being the top female youtube creator Being a billionaire which allows full financial freedom for me and my family Having a large […]

Financially Free

Shayla Bobala

What kind of lifestyle do you want for yourself Do you want to eat more of the foods you love Do you want better doctors and better healthcare Do you want better […]

Progress over 13 years

Shayla Bobala

Youtube Shaylabobala 2007- 2019 Report Year 1 – April,2007 – 50 Views – 5 Videos – age 14 – 0 Subscribers Year 2 – 2008 – 124 Views – 10 Videos – […]

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