Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Shayla Bobala

I really think the value in a gift doesn’t lie in its cost it lies in the value and thoughtfulness that went with it. I find gifts are always better when you need it and get lots of use out of them. I have chosen gifts for my partner that are thoughtful as well as needed. Like a winter jacket, underwear, clothes, pjs, sweets and I will be getting him a gift into next year on Boxing Day. I’m so excited to be able to spend Christmas with him for another year and have amazing dinner at the casino. Have a merry Christmas tell me what your getting for yourself and others ❤️ Shayla Bobala

Where to buy the best Christmas gifts

Shayla Bobala

I’d say you got lots of options but some are more affordable and if you want someone to have a luxury gift well then price is no object. Small gifts are best found at Walmart they have a wide range of gift baskets, chocolate, and hygiene bundles. As well as every gift card you could imagine. Medium gifts are best found at Costco they’re larger gift baskets and things found bulk that are convenient. You can’t also find a good range at superstore. There are really cool gifts there too. Large gifts are found best at Apple store, Lulu Lemon and Costco has Membership you could gift. You could also find big gifts at Costco too in the electronics or vacuum or Vitamix. Also you could find good gifts at Best Buy Luxury gifts can be found at Gucci, Sephora, Rolex, Tiffany’s Jewellers or any jewellery store I’m sure no matter where you go any one will be excited for a lovely gift from these stores. Truly Shaylabobala

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