Travel Cost Finale Bucket List

Shayla Bobala

All costs Canadian dollars Aspen, Colorado Food $840 Hotel $2772 Flight $1672 Fly Time From Edmonton 6 hours Total Costs $5284 Atlanta Food $700 Hotel $3682 Flight $1000 Fly Time From Edmonton […]


Walking 2500 Miles

Shayla Bobala

Do you think it’s possible in a year? Because it is It requires 208 Miles a Month for 12 months 286,666 steps a month would be equal 208 miles a month I […]


Shayla Bobala

BodyBuilding Competition Costs Tanning – Tan Luis Mobile Spray Tan – $55 Bikinis – KH Customs – $650 Custom Stage Shoes – 5″ Stiletto Mini-Platform Sandal (LIP-108RS) Sinful Shoes Clear $80 Gel […]

Are you getting 10,000 Steps ?

Shayla Bobala

I really am surprised how many of steps a person needs to be able to stay healthy if you get the recommended 10,000 Steps a day. It would be equal to 5 […]

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