How Youtube Changed My Life

Shayla Bobala

I have been watching youtube since 2006 and I really started getting into content creation consistently in 2013 when I bought my first home. I had also a really nice investment that helped me get my computer. I was so happy to have a great spot to film. Youtube at first was not always a positive for me as I got bullied for trying at work and by certain people in my life. I did not care because I started seeing dramatic growth come 2016 when I finally picked up momentum. It was 2017 in March when I finally had 3500 Subscribers. I really found it rewarding to collaborate and I had found myself an opportunity with a film maker but shortly after I realized they just wanted a cut of my revenue. Youtube pays you 55% ad revenue and they take 45% revenue so giving up any more of my hard earned dollars was not worth it. When I first started cheques started to flow in from $100 to $350 a month. It wasn’t until I got 10 Thousand Subscribers when the free clothing sponsorships started flowing in. I have had lots of different companies from bath bombs, makeup, skincare, clothing, phone cases and haircare. I only pick products that work for me and I’m proud of. My most loyal sponsor is Rosegal and I have had 6 bikini and clothing hauls from them all for free. I was so excited the first time a company wanted to pay me for a sponsorship. Later in 2017 my growth really started to bloom with the year ending in 29,000 Subscribers. I moved to Edmonton, Alberta that year on October 15, 2019. It really helped me promote more in a larger city and I put up poster around town. I really enjoyed working from home and experiencing a new city. Youtube became a full-time job bringing in $1200 – $2500 at that time. My Income continued to grow as I did YouTube and grew a fan funding platform called Patreon as my second source of income. Most people donate once and then see everything and leave but I could make between $2000 – $5000 on Patreon alone plus my youtube revenue which made it easier to by makeup supplies. I also decided after a year of living in Edmonton that I would give up driving so I sold my vehicle and

Take Responsibility

Shayla Bobala

I have been focusing on taking responsibility for my actions. I have learned over the years how important it is to learn from your mistakes and realize you will make many throughout your lifetime but you are not measured by your mistakes. We are measured by our ability to handle our mistakes and make up for them. Im working on a come back anything is possible. I will get my body back. I will be financially independent. I will be happy. I will be spiritually fullfilled. I have a lot of love to give and I want to share my journey with the world. I am going to do everything I have set out for myself. I don’t care if anyone believes me all I care about is that is possible. When I hit 144 Thousand Subscribers I was truly shocked it amazes me how much potential my channel has to change this world and make a difference. Don’t give up. Anyone can do it with consistency and genuine heart and soul. Truly Shayla Bobala

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