What’s an extraordinary life on your terms?

Shayla Bobala

Here’s what my vision is Being super fit and active Being the top female youtube creator Being a billionaire which allows full financial freedom for me and my family Having a large family of 6 healthy children with a married committed partner Travelling every second month Being a salon owner with a restaurant and gym attached Creating my own makeup line Becoming an icon of multiple success on Forbes Being able to attend major events yearly, vidcon, imats, coachella & more Having 8 cats and 2 dogs Building my dream home and customizing rooms with an interior designer Having an online membership site that has completed courses and special events and exclusives for subscribers to all ten channels Have all 10 Youtube channels hit 10 million subscribers Have the best wedding ever at Fantasyland Have an incredible husband I can always count on Compete in Bodybuilding Competitions Help my partner with his dream of creating videos games Truly Shaylabobala


Shayla Bobala

Are you disappointed that you dint stick to your goals?You have to believe that your worth it and that you deserve a better life. Is it possible that your self sabotaging yourself. Ask yourself why you started? I believe in you. I was listening to a Tony Robbins motivation video earlier and I heard that you have to fix your contradictions in order to progress to the next level of your life. So for example if you want stability you have to be with someone who can provide it. If you want to travel you have to put yourself in a position of job freedom. Whatever it is that is stopping you can be changed so don’t beat yourself you are capable of changing it. Change can be scary I have convinced myself many times to quit before the brink of success and I can tell you I’m more disappointed by stopping than the temporary disappointment from stopping and starting again and again. Don’t forget that if you quit you have to watch others achieve the goals versus you achieving them. When will you have enough of that. I promise that if you don’t quit than your dream will happen. It may not always happen exactly as planned but determination is important factor critical to the success of you. I hope this helps you feel less discouraged Truly ShaylaBobala

Are you getting 10,000 Steps ?

Shayla Bobala

I really am surprised how many of steps a person needs to be able to stay healthy if you get the recommended 10,000 Steps a day. It would be equal to 5 miles of walking a day and 150 miles a month. I really am gonna try to do it because I have noticed the afterburner affect clear extra fluid. It’s exceptionally clear that a sedentary lifestyle is boring and very unhealthy. So I’m going to double the steps monthly to shed the extra pounds. It’s going to be a sore September. Make sure to watch my new video on YouTube later today. Truly Shayla Bobala

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