I was in Stonebridge, Saskatoon here in Saskatchewan
I got a bunch of bikinis from Cupshe
My favourite bikini from Rosegal. They have sponsored me 6 times in 3 years. I’m so greatful to them and love their bikinis.
CocoMy Sponsored Me. This was my favourite Jumpsuit I have ever worn.
My favourite makeup fx look I’ve ever created of an octopus
This video was a favourite to make showcasing a few of my favourite outfits from 2018.
This bathing suit from Rosegal is so stunning.
Another fabulous bikini from
Why my fitness journey began
Romper from fashion Nova
My Bedroom tour from my first home I purchased when I was 21
My fun adventure of Weightloss
I’m grateful for many things but here’s a few of them
Extensions How To
My beachbody Weightloss I did the 21 day fix

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