I got rid of patreon so everything on those pages will still be able to be accessed. I will still have everything that used to be on their but a few more pages will be included through password only.

In order to gain access to these photos, videos, podcasts, special events and meetups you will either need monthly membership, yearly or lifetime. Lifetime will get you access to my full site forever but this early bird price will only be up for one year.

Once you pick an option I will email you the password monthly. If you are a monthly member you will have to come back and pay again for the updated password. Yearly will get an email the first of the month and same with lifetime memberships.

Basic Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership Access Password Changes Monthly, Only Able To Access Courses Through Payments Separately, This One Is For Subscribers Who want to see Extras


Hungwana Yearly Membership

Enjoy all features for a year and courses have to be paid separately. Plus Save $200 from monthly Membership


Platinum Membership Full Lifetime Access

Access for Life, All Courses, Lifetime Support, All Passwords For Secret Pages, One Time Payment and Forget About It, Thousands Of Exclusive Photos & Memories & Exclusive Videos


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