Raiseing 4 Children

Shayla Bobala

I did some startup math because I want to have four children by age 33 which is 6 years away but I’m a planner. I love to plan ahead and I have been thinking about making a family Youtube Channel. Baby Supplies For 4 Children Baby Strollers $1500 Glass Bottles $100 Baby Bouncer $100 Soothers $100 Onesies $300 Shoes $200 Socks $100 Dresses $200 Pants $200 Shirts $250 Diapers $1500 per year Wipes $1500 per year Baby Powder $250 per year Baby Cribs $2500 Baby Blankets $300 Baby toys $500 Baby food $1500 per year Baby Formula $1500 per year Suntan lotion $200 per year Changing table $100 Breast Pump $250 Baby shampoo & lotion $300 Babysitters $500 per year $13,950 Upfront Costs for Four children $6900 Residual Yearly Costs $3487.50 Per Child Some costs are residual and some costs are one time but I was honestly amazed at how cheap it is to raise children after costs considered. It’s not cheap if your poor obviously but if your middle class or upper class the first 5 years of raising a children does not break the bank. I am excited to have a family and I can’t wait to share the journey but I hope this gets you thinking. Xoxo ShaylaBobala

Creating Courses

Shayla Bobala

Have you ever wondered what you have to offer in a crowded marketplace Well you have your unique stories to share and a new perspective on life As I am creating some new courses on my website I am realizing that I am only competing with myself. You can use others peoples work to inspire yourself but no one wants a program that is similar to one already out there. I hate cookie cutter programs and I know you can relate It’s time to reinvent the way us Entrepreneurs interact with our clients I started a program from a mentor I looked up to and this person never responded to me or helped me to understand the material. I was frustrated and cancelled as it was a membership monthly. I decided that I am going to make sure that when you start with me you will be able to reach me by text and within 24 hours I will welcome and help you navigate personally There is a specific female in the media who screwed over clients because she would not do customized plans even though that is what they paid for. However I would never promise something I can’t deliver. I am working hard to revamp my website as I switched from Shopify to WordPress and I am going to be working with professionals to learn how to make my own membership site. When I release my website to membership only I hope you will join. It will be filled with so many amazing courses, blogs, email goodies and freebies, my book, and all of my 10K Photography photos and much more Make sure to stay tuned. There will be an exclusive free trial for 15 days. Stay tuned to my videos to find out when. Wishing lots of love and happiness Shayla Bobala

New Journey To Freedom

Shayla Bobala

🔹 I am excited to build this website from the ground up. I started a website on Shopify last year and although it was fun I found it hard to start up without a lot of extra costs. All of the diffrent apps on shopify costs too much as well as the monthly fee is too much. 🔹I also would love to help others create and provide courses for social media through a membership basis. Everyday i am getting closer to my goals Make sure to check out my Patreon Shaylabobalaextras Thank you for following me on my journey Truly Shayla Bobala

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