About Me

Hey Lovely Hungwana Squad

I have been a  Youtube Content Creator for 3 years fulltime & 12 all together. I started out doing it as a hobby when I first started. In the last year I have exceeded goals with subscribers and really have gotten serious . I really love filming and have a really big passion for music, dance and art in general. I am 27 years old, and currently live in Edmonton, Alberta. I am from Saskatchewan originally and moved two years ago for more opportunity.  

I have secret pages on my website only youtube subscribers & patrons will get access to until my page is membership only but you wont lose access if your still a patron.

I have recreated my Website for a many reasons. I wanted this to be for people who want to see my blog, photography,music, graphic design and videos. I really love creating and I officially have 10 youtube channels and want a place to connect with everyone. I will be making my website membership only except my blog in the following year because I will be having online courses, exclusives not on patreon or youtube or anywhere else. I will also have so much to offer you and feel free to reach out by email.

My Channel links are here for easy access

ShaylaBobala – bit.ly/2oehLSz
ShaylaBobalaBeauty – bit.ly/2OsYY0r
BobalaFamJam – bit.ly/2pURKrO
BobalaGaming – bit.ly/2nqnjsv
MeditationMadness – bit.ly/2obT3lL
ShayRawFitness – bit.ly/2AUy5dU
ShaylaBobalaExtras – bit.ly/2MzRpCH
ShaylaTravelAdventuras – bit.ly/33bO8ju
BPD Motivational – bit.ly/30X8trk
ShaylabobalaMusic – bit.ly/2npWsNe

Thank you for checking out my website

Truly ShaylaBobala