Hey Lovely Hungwana Squad

I have been a  Youtube Content Creator for 4 years fulltime & 12 all together. I started out creating content as a hobby at first.  In the last year I have exceeded goals with subscribers and really have gotten serious . I really love filming and have a really big passion for music, dance and art in general. I am 27 years old, and currently live in Edmonton, Alberta. I am from Saskatchewan originally and moved two years ago for more opportunity.  

I have secret pages on my website only youtube subscribers & patrons will get access to until my page is membership only but you wont lose access if your still a patron.

I have recreated my website for a many reasons. I wanted this to be for people who want to see my blog, photography,music, graphic design and videos. I really love creating and I officially have 10 youtube channels and want a place to connect with everyone. I will be making my website membership only except my blog in the following year because I will be having online courses, exclusives not on patreon or youtube or anywhere else. I will also have so much to offer you and feel free to reach out by email.  I also will be offering courses on Social media, Business & Self Development in the coming months.

My Channel links are here for easy access

My main YouTube Channel that changed my life 

178,750K Subscribers with 81 Million Lifetime Views on March 21st, 2020

ShaylaBobala – bit.ly/2oehLSz

These Channels I Started in October 2019 they are in progress and have a few videos so far.

ShaylaBobalaBeauty – bit.ly/2OsYY0r
BobalaFamJam – bit.ly/2pURKrO
BobalaGaming – bit.ly/2nqnjsv
MeditationMadness – bit.ly/2obT3lL
ShayRawFitness – bit.ly/2AUy5dU
ShaylaBobalaExtras – bit.ly/2MzRpCH
ShaylaTravelAdventuras – bit.ly/33bO8ju
BPD Motivational – bit.ly/30X8trk
ShaylabobalaMusic – bit.ly/2npWsNe

Thank you for checking out my website & being a member of my #HungwanaSquad all these years

Truly ShaylaBobala

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