Be Honest With Yourself

Shayla Bobala

Do you ever tell yourself lies to keep yourself feeling good about what your doing. Do you find yourself convincing yourself that where you are in life is fine. You need to be honest about what it is your really want in life and what’s going to fulfill your true purpose. If that means 10 years to become a doctor or if it means that you want to create a channel with meaning and purpose and sell things. Whatever it is. You can do it anytime. No one knows how much time they have left and yet we all keep going. It’s all about working towards what you want while appreciating what you have in the process. I honestly can say that I’m happy with my job. It brings me more satisfaction everyday. If someday it doesn’t then I would re-evaluate my purpose and do something different don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your life to make yourself happy. Xoxo ShaylaBobala

Feeling Bikini Confident

Shayla Bobala

I get asked a lot how I feel good in a bikini when I’m plus size and been told I don’t have permission to because only girls that are slim should be permitted to feel good. This is not a body positive rant however I feel confident because I know that someone does appreciate my body exactly how it is and that’s the only person that matters which is me. So I’m not going to hide my physical flaws or my weight. My weight does not define my value my heart does and as long as I have a good one then I’m going to continue to love myself exactly as I am. Doesn’t mean I’m not working on improvements. But I’m going to enjoy the body I have and not punish myself while working on the one I want. Xoxo ShaylaBobala

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