Makeup FX Supplies

I’m saving for these so I can do cool FX on my YouTube channel and what an essential kit needs.

99% alcohol

Skin Illistrator

Airbrush kit


Spirit gum

Silicone glue


Liquid latex

Lifecast kit 2

Ben Nye Palette

Cotton Balls

Big Bag cotton balls

Mascara sticks

Ellimorph plastic for teeth creation

Blood Ben Nye , Scab, Thick and dark blood

Bruise kit

Grease kit

Ben Nye master mulage $800

Aqua Paints Makeup forever cream

Melton Alcohol Paints


Paper Towel


I haven’t done cost analysis yet but I will when I am ready to buy it’s nice to be able to do Halloween videos for Sfx

Truly Shayla Bobala

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