Raising Cats

Shayla Bobala

I am very picky about how I raise my cats. I like to groom them with a furminator, nail trimmer, dove soap, vet toothpaste and toothbrush. Paw lotion is important for their dry paws in winter. We also use cap nip spray to calm them. We give the cats temptations treats, salmon and tuna are there favourite. We give our seven year old cat fancy feast wet food and urinary tract health food. I give them a bath every month and I also give dry food. Kirkland cat food because it’s in bulk. He is 3 and still growing so he needs it. I also give pumpkin hugs everyday and mini phantom really likes cuddles. I love to take photos with them and once every three months I shave them so there fur is clean and soft. They shed a lot but they really are affectionate. In summer we take pumpkin for walks he loves being held. I also get them there rabies shots. They have lots of toys and they love cat trees from pet smart. Truly Shaylabobala

Fresh Beginnings

Shayla Bobala

I have always thought that everyone deserves one. Mine was moving to Edmonton and exploring the city. I really enjoyed learning new things and being able to not run into anyone I know. I like the big city momentum and the drive and motivation of people. I’ve also seen the darker aspects of this city and big cities in general. However I still love Alberta. There is a calmness at night here. Where I live I enjoy the extra security. My fresh beginning happens to be the launch of growth I needed to grow my platforms and motivate myself to continue this dream. I have seen so many creators grow this last two years and I plan to be able to grow to a million subscribers this coming year. I wouldn’t had thought I would be where I am today when I left Saskatoon two years ago. I’m greatful that I get to continue my fulltime Youtube career and that this will be the year my 10 Youtube channels will be talked about worldwide. Never give up it’s always possible to succeed. Truly Shaylabobala

Best App For Artists on Apple Store

Shayla Bobala

The best app would definitely be Procreate it’s definitely worth the cost. When I purchased it I got it for 13.99 but it was worth the really great features. I love to try out everything, I also like if you have a apple pen it feels like you are actually writing and painting. It can make skin look real, trees, you can draw animation, you can paint with all of watercolour, pastel, wet acrylic, oil, stucco, fresco and much more. The brushes range from wet, old, round, damp, jagged, dry and more as well. I really found there is literally every pencil, pen, and marker for any project you can think of. I drew a few I want to share but I’m just beginning I will be sharing a lot more detailed ones in the future. I can imagine someone who has incredible skills can do better but it gives beginners a way to have affordable art creation without buying all those art supplies. I’m so greatful. Truly Shaylabobala

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